Are you:

  • Feeling stressed about what questions are the most effective for the position you are hiring for?

  • Confused about how to begin?

Imagine being able to recognize great questions when you see them and write them with confidence knowing they will enable you to gather the right information from candidates and unlock workforce potential.

You would be paving your way to awesome and stress-free decision-making!

EduSelect’s strategies and tips on how to write great questions are K-12 specific and exactly what you need when interviewing employees in the school and district setting.

In this course you will learn how to write great questions so you can be confident that you’re eliciting the right information from candidates in the interview and that your hiring decisions are top-notch.

Great hires help move your organization forward and support great workforce engagement.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the foundational steps in designing effective interview questions.

  • Know how to write great questions that measure the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for the position for which you are hiring.
  • When you finish the six main modules in the course, you will be able to more easily identify and write great interview questions that elicit the right information from candidates.

    Here’s the plan!
    • MODULE 1 : Why Great Questions Matter.
      You will learn how powerful great questions are to your process.

    • MODULE 2: What are Great Questions?
      You will learn what behavioural interviewing is all about and learn why research tells us these are the best types of questions to use in interviews.

    • MODULE 3: The Building Blocks.
      The section reviews the essential building blocks to writing great questions. We will review what selection criteria is and how to define them.

    • MODULE 4: The “How to” of Writing Questions.
      In a step-by-step, this section outlines how to write great questions and provides great tips and strategies to do so

    • MODULE 5: Going Deeper.
      You will learn what types of questions to use when you need to get more information from a candidate.

    • MODULE 6: Summary and Next Steps.
      We share some other ways you can deepen your learning on this topic.

    Pleased to meet you! I am Janet and am a true believer that the hiring decisions we make for our schools and school districts directly impact student experiences.

    My years as a teacher and as a school, district, and provincial leader have provided me evidence to support these beliefs ― that the way we structure selection processes and the questions that we ask in an interview make a difference in the quality of our decision making. I am thrilled to share my tips and strategies so that your hiring journey is smooth and barrier-free.

    This course is perfect for you if:

    • You want to write great interview questions.

    • You want to gain confidence in chairing an interview and eliciting responses from candidates.

    • You are responsible for hiring at the school or district level.

    • You need to chair a selection process and have never done so.

    • You are a school leader having to hire teachers for your school and don’t know where to begin.