Does this sound like you?

  • You are unsure of all the legal issues you need to consider in the hiring process.

  • You're too busy to research.

  • Not sure where to start.

  • You want to avoid problems and potential challenges in your process.

  • You want to support others in understanding what a legally-sound hiring process entails.

Imagine having the confidence to structure a smooth, legally-sound hiring process and being able to share your knowledge and strategies with others on your hiring committee!

Knowing the law and your responsibilities in the hiring process paves the way for awesome hiring decisions.

Our years of practical hiring experience in the K-12 system positions us perfectly to provide sector-specific stories and strategies that are tailored to your unique context.

Let’s get started on identifying legal issues that emerge in the K-12 sector so that you can focus on making great hiring decisions.

In this course you will learn how to build a legally sound selection process.

And recognize prevention strategies so that you can pave a smooth hiring pathway.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand the legal issues that may emerge and disrupt your hiring process.

  • Learn how to plan your selection process to minimize legal challenges.

  • Know how to recognize issues before they potentially become problematic.

  • Make great, legally sound decisions!
  • When you finish the five main modules in the course, you will be able to more easily navigate the legal landscape within the hiring process.

    Here’s the plan!
    • MODULE 1 : Understanding the Legal Landscape.
      Orient yourself to the legislation that relates to hiring procedures.

    • MODULE 2: Relevant Legislation.
      Dive into more detail and learn the related employer obligations.

    • MODULE 3: How Legal Issues Emerge.
      Learn about how problems can start to build and in what circumstances and contexts that challenges and complaints are filed.

    • MODULE 4: Prevention Strategies.
      Dive into ways you can build sounder processes to prevent issues and problems from emerging. Prevention strategies for each of the phases of the hiring process are explored.

    • MODULE 5: Summary and Next Steps.
      Learn how to expand your learning and find more resources to support you!

    Pleased to meet you! I am Janet and am a true believer that the hiring decisions we make for our schools and school districts directly impact student experiences.

    My years as a teacher and as a school, district, and provincial leader have provided me evidence to support these beliefs ― that the way we structure selection processes and the questions that we ask in an interview make a difference in the quality of our decision making. I am thrilled to share my tips and strategies so that your hiring journey is smooth and barrier-free.

    This course is perfect for you if:

    • You want to understand the legal issues that may emerge in the hiring process.

    • You have to build a selection process or chair an interview committee.

    • You're a school leader having to hire teachers for your school.

    • You want to ensure you prevent issues and problems in your hiring process

    • You have to conduct legally-sound reference checks on a candidate.